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LOG: Aug. 13, 2017

I am proud of being a collaborator to many outstanding scientists who are listed below - and it is a far non-complete list, so I apologize for many of my friends and colleagues who are not listed.

You may find some results of these collaboration under Publications

Dr. Victor J. Hruby
Studies of 3D structure of peptides

Dr. Garland R. Marshall
Studies of rational drug design for peptides; studies of 3D structure of G-protein-coupled receptors

Dr. Thomas J. Baranski
Studies of 3D Structure of G-protein coupled receptors, specifically of C5a receptor

Dr. Samuel Achilefu 
Design of targeted peptide compounds with optical labels

Dr. Kevin J. Catt
Studies of angiotensin receptors

Dr. Anders Karlén

Studies of molecular interaction mechanism of ligands with angiotensin receptors

Dr. Niels H. Andersen
Studies of folding pathways for mini-proteins

Dr. Carl Frieden
Studies of local structure in denatured state of proteins

Dr. Katalin E. Kövčr
Studies of and design of novel cyclopeptide structures

Dr. Isabella Karle
olecular modeling and design of delta-opioid peptides

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